[:en]AO Centrul de Informare și Resurse „PRO BONO”[:]

[:en]14-27th October, Chisinau

AO Centrul de Informare și Resurse „PRO BONO” will run an online campaign promoting diversity and women’s participation in sports, paired with a conference under the slogan “Sports as a tool for women’s empowerment” with stakeholders such as football clubs, national football federations, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and more. During the online campaign, reporters of the youth media platform (www.youth.md) will launch a series of five articles and quizzes on topics related to women’s participation in sports activities (including professional sports), in order to raise awareness on challenges related to female sports participation. The conference’s purpose is to create a platform for young activists and sports stakeholders to exchange on challenges and good practice, while attracting media interest for the topic.


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