[:en]Gargždų “Banga”[:]

[:en]11-15th October, Gargzdai

Gargždų “Banga” challenges the fact that men are predominantly football coaches in Lithuania. The football club emphasizes womens football with its U11, U13 and U15 teams playing in the highest leagues. Therefore, the club arranges a key campaign for diversity, inclusion and accessibility in football, in support of women coaches. At the event, both men and women “Banga” senior teams send a strong message supporting women becoming football coaches. On the 15th of October, FC “Banga” player Renato Mattos, from Brazil, showcases that football with a worldwide popularity has the power to unite and create community as well as equality, regardless of ethnic or social origin, religion or gender identity. Renato Mattos is happy to be part of the Gargždų “Banga” community, which fights against any form of discrimination.



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