[:en]Initiative Erwin Volkmar[:]

[:en]15th October, Frankfurt on Main

Initiative Erwin Volkmar will conduct a public reading with the well-respected fan expert, Mr. Robert Claus, who will presents his book‚ ‘Hooligans – A world between football, violence and politics’. The main focus is on right-wing hooligans, their international networks and their professionalism in training mixed martial arts. Within the last few years, it has become more and more common that right-wing hooligans train in martial-arts gyms and use their skills and experience from football violence to attack political opponents inside and outside the stadium, as well as refugees and journalists.

The hooligan scene of Eintracht Frankfurt is not different from other scenes but is fortunately much more diverse. There are however well documented cases of Frankfurt hooligans visiting a right-wing music festival in Themar, with more than 6000 visitors in 2016. Therefore, Initiative Erwin Volkmar will host the reading to educate people in the Rhein-Main area, particularly fan-groups and officials, about the situation.[:]

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