[:en] Integracyjne Stowarzyszenie Kultury Fizycznej “DAJ SZANSĘ”[:]

[:en]19th October, Warscawa

Integracyjne Stowarzyszenie Kultury Fizycznej “DAJ SZANSĘ” will hold an indoor football tournament for young footballers vintage 2008, from eight clubs from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. The event is played under the UEFA slogans ‘No to racism’ and ‘Respect’ and participating children will receive cool merchandise. Famous black football players playing in Polish leagues and 10 volunteers will distribute leaflets and brochures about racism and other pathologies in sport. The main underlying aims are to promote anti-racist behavior, tackle stadium aggression and counteract anti-semitism as well as xenophobia through talks, lectures and by the distribution of informative leaflets and publications on these matters.


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