[:en]Lewes FC[:]

[:en]13-20th October, Lewes

Lewes FC (the world’s first club in the world to introduce pay parity between male and female teams) brings together leading journalists and practitioners in sports media to mentor and educate aspiring journalists from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, in a hands-on practical workshop ahead of Lewes FC Women against Leicester City. During the game, each of the participants will put new skills to the test in an actual life scenario depending on their chosen skill area (include skill-sets such as videography, photography, commentating, presenting and match analysis/report writing), being mentored while covering the game. Lewes FC partners with real news outlets (e.g. The Brighton Argus, BBC Sussex) that place some of the best bits into their own channels. The aim is not only to create channels for aspiring journalists from diverse backgrounds to hone their skills, and get placements and coverage they can refer to in the future, but also to increase interest in and coverage of women’s football to promote gender equality in football and in sports media.



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