[:en]Monaliiku- Monikansallisten Naisten Hyvinvointi ja Liikunta ry[:]

[:en]26th October, Helsinki

Monaliiku- Monikansallisten Naisten Hyvinvointi ja Liikunta ry hosts its “Football4Diversity” festival as a celebration of diversity, in the frame of FARE’s #FootballPeople weeks. The festival is open for everyone and brings together sports enthusiasts, amateur football teams and people with different backgrounds and aims at promoting equality and preventing discrimination in football.

The festival includes a walking football tournament, an exhibition match, freestyle performances, salsa classes, other sports activities and an NGO meeting place for Monaliiku’s partners. Ambassadors of the event are Eva Biaudet and Ayisat Yusuf. Eva Biaudet is a member of parliament representing RKP and the Chairwoman of the National Council of Women of Finland. Ayisat Yusuf is a former player of the Nigerian national team. Ayisat is also a board member of the FARE network and in charge of SheFootball in Nigeria.




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