[:en]Roter Stern Leipzig ‘99 e.V.[:]

[:en]10-13th October, Leipzig

“Kick it 2! Girls’ and women’s football tournament” is a multi-day event for girls and women of different ages, from different backgrounds including migrant backgrounds, that will be organised by Roter Stern Leipzig ‘99 e.V..

The project aims to give girls and women the opportunity to come together, exchange ideas, network and of course be active in sports. Individuals with diverse social, religious and cultural backgrounds, various feminist projects and teams from different contexts are addressed. In addition to their passion for sport, the participants will also share the attitude of Roter Stern Leipzig ‘99 e.V. and clearly position themselves against sexism, homophobia, racism and fascism.

The football tournament events (“Kick1” and “Kick2”) take place on two days and are connected to various cultural activities, including concerts, a city guided tour, meet and greet, to give everyone the possibility to take part.



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