[:en]The Do School[:]

[:en]19th October, Hamburg

The Do School will organise a “DO Day” #FootballPeople weeks event to discuss and create solutions to help elevate women into football. The Do School will use either the prototype or creation format, each of which will give different outcomes.

The prototype format will work towards developing a prototype or approach that can be tested out while the creation format is about doing something immediately. Both formats begin with a challenge statement and require that the diverse group of attendees collaborate throughout the day as they are guided through different activities, such as systems mapping, four quadrant brainstorming, idea sheets, and pitching of ideas, and then conclude with action planning and reflection. The “DO Day” is a day celebrated around the world by various social entrepreneurs, aiming to tackle complex challenges. The tools, methods and formats to run the interactive workshop will all be provided by the Do School. Participants include women already working in the field of football, and, potentially, UEFA and FIFA representatives.



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