[:en]The Minnesota Football Show[:]

[:en]10-24th October, Minneapolis

During #FootballPeople weeks, The Minnesota Futbol Show uses its connections to some of the multi-ethnic communities in the Twin Cities to document their stories of struggle and joy through football by five live interviews. The focus lies on high-school to adult-aged players form Somali and Karen communities, who have experienced trauma fleeing war-torn countries and have a dual identity as American, as well as refugee and/or immigrant backgrounds. Additionally, recent immigrants from Mexico and Central America, who play in an all-Latina league, are interviewed about gender dynamics as well as the game as a place of escape from the weekly stress by an oppressive US federal government that has its communities on edge. Players from LGBT- and left-wing-leagues are also sharing their inclusion experiences, carving out their unique spaces on the pitch and discuss keeping politics in sports.




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