[:en]Encontrarse en la Diversidad[:]

[:en]18 October, Buenos Aires

Encontrarse en la Diversidad para la Educación Intercultural will develop a survey targeting people involved in the local football industry with the aim of collecting information on their perceptions and ideas about the discriminatory practices in the sporting industry. The Foundation will be gathering this information from a variety of people involved in the scene, like workers in the various clubs, players, professionals, amateurs, fans, coaches, referees and specific public figures involved in the space. The survey will support those involved in policies that promote diversity, good governance, and combat discrimination. The survey will be distributed on social media and by the Foundation’s extensive network of contacts in local football clubs, educational institutions, government organisations and non-government organisations. The Foundation will analyse and publish a summary of statistics on social media. It will then be shared with the football clubs and related government bodies, so it can be used as a tool for the implementation of new policies promoting greater diversity within the sporting industry and at the state level.




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