[:en]FIKOM UP – Faculty of Communication Science, Pancasila University[:]


8-22 October, Jakarta

The project of FIKOM UP aims at providing people with education and media literacy to help football communities understand the context and content of any news concerning women in football. The main focus will be to address sexism around women’s football.  Including guidelines and recommendations for the media for writing content about the women’s game in Indonesia. In order to achieve its goal FIKOM UP will organise four webinars (online seminar) with a range of topics and two experts to speak in each of the sessions. These webinars will be held online and the sessions will be both in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Each webinar will focus on one specific subject in line with the aim of this project. The seminars will focus on: media analysis and gender study research, personal stories from female football players and athletes, debate about the role of journalists and government as the news regulator.





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