1-31 October, Quito and 8 provinces

FUDELA is organising a hand’s on workshop for migrant and refugee children, as well as their families. The workshop activity consists of making a table football pitch with recycled materials. The goal of the project is to show that no matter the nationality or racial background, any person has the same right and opportunity to be part of a game, to belong to a team and to have fun in a safe and positive way. Mini table stadiums will be branded with an allusive name such as Inclusion Arena. Flags or jersey will use colours of countries that are being affected by human mobility, for example, Venezuela and Syria. This activity is a good and safe way to work and use the time during the pandemic time. It can be done in the company of the whole family and thus encourage proactivity, teamwork, communication, leadership, and integral development, which generates the initiative to create, believe and undertake, being resourceful and creative. This activity is not only composed of the time assigned for the elaboration of this component, but also, it allows table soccer to be a space of family union to enjoy the final result. In other words, FUDELA will focus on soccer as a playful strategy that allows them to work on emotional intelligence, skills and abilities.




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