[:en]Fundación Austral sin Fronteras[:]


8-22 October, Puerto Montt

Fundación Austral sin Fronteras will jumpstart a discussion with prominent professional footballers and persons of reference from the area, about inclusion and gender equality through sport. This activity will be carried out in four online conversation sessions – via Zoom and live on Instagram – between members of the Austral sin Fronteras foundation (local people, migrants and refugees) and four football players who are currently integrating or have integrated the national team of Chile. Sessions will address the increase in racism with an increase in the number of immigrants and refugees from Venezuela and Haiti. They will also hold sessions that include presentations with women’s national team players who participated in the FIFA Women’s World Cup held in France in 2019. And discuss how this participation can influence future generations of female football players and be a turning point in the fight to reduce the gender gap in Chilean football.




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