[:en]Offside Festival Italia[:]

[:en]9-31 October, Milan

Offside Festival Italia host their “Esperanto” photographic exhibition in Milan following on from last year, showing how football can communicate within different cultures and unite people from all backgrounds.

This includes 10 works that consist of a photo and an unpublished story along the ‘No Borders, No Limits’ theme, which can be viewed by scanning a QR code with their phones to read the stories online.

The exhibition will be reproduced in 200 locations across the city, and an inauguration event is to be held on 9th October that is available to view both online and in-person.

Publicity will also be generated for the “ALL IN THE FIELD WITH QUBì” which has raised funds to enrol immigrant children without economic possibilities in the 2019-2020 football season.



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