[:en]OŠ Veli Vrh Pula[:]

[:en]’20-21 October, Pula

The Elementary School Veli Vrh Pula, partnering with Roma Associations of Istra and the Football Club NK Veli Vrh Pula, is using football as a promotor of inclusion, as a way to tackle discrimination against Roma community, as a tool for empowerment and education. For this, they have implemented a workshop that educated children about migrations of Roma people through Europe and in which they learned about the most famous players with Roma origins. In the second phase of the project, on European Day of Languages, children learned some basic Roma football vocabulary. During the third phase of the project, children decorated football balls and T-shirt with Roma and Croatian Flags and with messages of inclusion, of anti-racism and anti-discrimination. These balls have then be sent back to Roma Associations to add their messages. All of this work, will be presented during the Football People Weeks on the NK Veli Vrh Pula pitch, where partners, former students and players, as well as the Goalkeeper coach of the Croatian Women Team, will attend and in which the balls will be donated as a gift to the guests, representatives and partners.[:]

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