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1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. The following Terms and Conditions shall apply for the participation in a competition hosted by the Fare network to any person or company, who submit a graphic illustration or any other form of design.

These Terms and Conditions are valid at the time of participation.

1.2 The designer/author accepts these Terms & Conditions by submitting the design to info@farenet.org

1.3 The Fare network shall retain title to and copyright of any content of the website, drawings and any other documents and information which are protected by intellectual property law and copyright law.

2. Participation in a Competition

2.1 The designer/author hereby agrees that the Fare network may publish this design on its website and may use it for advertising, promotional, publishing purposes, and the production of goods.

2.2. The Fare network reserves the right to modify the design at any time, with agreement from the designer/author. This right to modify relates in particular to changes in colour, size or other individual elements of the design.

2.3 The designer/author is obliged not to submit the design to any third party, or use it in the production of any other goods.

3. Preconditions for Participation

3.1 The design must be the designer’s/author’s own exclusive intellectual property and must have the exclusive copyright and right of use of the design without any limitations.

3.2 The designer/author declares and guarantees that the design does not infringe any trademarks, copyrights, or any other intellectual property rights by third parties by submitting the design.

3.3 In case of an alleged copyright infringement, the designer/author holds harmless and indemnifies the Fare network for any claims, debts and obligations towards third parties and compensates the Fare network for any damages and actual expenditures.

Ciudad the Murcia (Spain) sticker for the 2013 Football People weeks

Ciudad the Murcia (Spain) sticker for the 2013 Football People weeks


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