Fare Membership

[:en]Fare is an international network of NGO’s, community groups and football fans committed to tackling discrimination in European football and to promote the ability of sport to bring communities together.

Fare represents members that are active in over 39 countries across Europe. The combined force of the membership helps to promote best practice and increase action.

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Becoming a member of the Fare Network

There are benefits to becoming a member of Fare. These include:

  • Being part of a European movement that relies on its active membership to tackle discrimination and successfully work for social change.
  • Having the opportunity to take an active part in the organisation by contributing ideas and sharing good practice and expertise with the Network.
  • Being able to influence the strategic decisions and directions of Fare by having the right to vote during the General Assembly (applies only to organisational membership).
  • Receiving invitations to seminars and conferences organised by Fare and other members of the Network.
  • The use of the Fare logo on organisational materials and websites.

Fare Network core aims and principles

All members of the Fare network have to agree to the statutes of the organisation and to the following core aims and principles:

  • Discrimination on any grounds including ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental ability, religion and belief is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Fare will promote a positive and inclusive environment in football and will work for the empowerment of excluded individuals and communities.
  • Fare members will actively support action against anyone that might show attitudes or behaviour in opposition to these values.

Types of membership

Fare offers three types of membership, organisational membership, individual membership and institutional membership.

  • Organisational membership is aimed at community groups, supporter organisations, other NGO’s and not for profit projects. Organisational members receive voting rights at Fare meetings. Organisational membership costs 50€ per membership period.
  • Individuals are accepted as members as a means of showing solidarity with the principles and actions of Fare at a cost of 20€ per membership period. Individual members will not have any voting rights.
  • Institutional membership is for governing bodies, local authorities and other statutory organisations. Institutional members will not have any voting rights. Institutional membership costs 100€ per membership period.

Fare Membership Application form

Please click this link to access the membership form.[:]

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