MAPS Geocitizen training

The MAPS project has pursued out multiple aims: following a social and interactive methodology, detect, analyze and map abandoned public spaces, that could have the potential to become accessible areas for the performance of several sport activities, without any physical or gender restrictions. To promote a bottom-up approach to sport and/through social relationships. And to improve awareness on the importance of sport activities, in the local communities and across European countries.

To fulfil this goal, the use of the Geocitizen platform is fundamental, and was intended to support the collection of degraded or abandoned public places in which a sports area can be planned as a process of urban regeneration. The objective of these platforms is to promote a participatory mapping process for Warsaw in Poland by which people are involved in the use of Geo-ICT to generate open, voluntary, and free geographic information. The platform focuses on the cities of Padua (Italy) and Warsaw (Poland), where everyone has the chance to participate in the mapping process. It is very easy to use and structured as a social network, where people can exchange views and opinions about the mapped areas. 

On Saturday 9 October 2021 Gishub organised a training session in Padua for stakeholders to use the developed Geocitizen web application to map urban spaces. The training was held at the Polisportiva San Precario headquarters and focussed on how to navigate the webpage and application, the purpose of the webpage and application and focused on the importance of mapping urban spaces. Many grassroots sport organisations can benefit from access to urban spaces for their sport activities and this webpage and application can help with this. In total 15 participants joined the first training. The next open training will be in March 2022.

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