[:en]Ethnic Minorities and Roma inclusion[:]



Socially excluded groups and communities are at the centre of this research that runs across the different levels of the game, from grassroots to professional football, institutionally or in the management of the game.

Football enhances the integration of disengaged, disenfranchised and marginalised groups, such as Roma people, refugees and asylum seekers and ethnic minority communities, by promoting community cohesion, personal development and new opportunities. Together this leads to a more active involvement of these communities in society, turning sport into a catalyst for regeneration.

Until today, the world’s most popular sport has not been able to fairly represent the game’s diversity both at playing and institutional level.

Research has recently been looking at the levels of representation of visible ethnic minorities in leadership positions in European football to help bring about a change to the game we all love.

In this section, a wide range of resources including good practice guides, education packs and information materials are available to download that seek to promote diversity across the sport, challenge negative stereotypes and misconceptions, to make significant contributions to disengaged communities through the game.


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