Chrzaszczyki Sports Club holds first phase of community project in Poland06 August 2018

Fare member organisation Chrzaszczyki Sports Club has held the first phase of its Women*’s Football Academy community project, the first initiative of its kind in Poland.

The community club made use of its Fare development grant to host eight football training sessions of 90 minutes each for people from social groups that don’t have access to football in Warsaw.

In total, between April and October 2018, the Women*’s Football Academy are delivering a total of 16 weekly training sessions for women of all ages and skills in two-month cycles – the first in May and June and the second to come in September-October.

The training sessions will take place in the Sports Center OSiR Polna.

At the end of the project, the Warsaw-based club will organise a Football v Homophobia festival to mark the #FootballPeople weeks, through two main activities: a panel debate about queer/lesbian visibility in sport and a football tournament.

The Women*’s Football Academy is a successful example of a social sport project: people from social groups that don’t have access to football got the chance to participate in the event and will be part of the next phase of the project starting September. By playing together, people of different backgrounds, origins and social status in Poland could come to know each other and relate to one another.

The * in the project’s name stands for: cis and trans women, non-binary people and trans men.