27,552 Signatures Against Racism in Polish Stadiums21 October 2002

As part of the FARE Action Week, the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association and ‘Polish Humanitarian Action’ collected 27,552 signatures under a petition demanding action against racism in Polish stadiums. The signatures were presented to Michal Listkiewicz, the president of the Polish Football Association, today. Mr Listkiewicz has pledged to co-operate with ‘NEVER AGAIN’ in order to remove racist symbols from football stadiums.

The signatures were collected in stadiums and schools all over the country as well as during Przystanek Woodstock, the biggest European music festival organised annually in Zary, Poland. Football fans continue to send in more signatures from all over Poland.

“We are happy to express our complete support for the FARE Action Week and we call upon everybody across Europe to join the campaign. UEFA has reinforced its stand against racism in terms of its rulebook. “
Gerhard Aigner, UEFA chief executive.

The petition initiated by the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association lists antisemitic abuse, neofascist symbols and frequent hostility to Black players as reasons for concern in Polish stadiums. In addition, as part of the FARE Action Week, meetings, concerts, and football games have been organised in several cities in Poland.