A new age for sport in the Republic of Macedonia16 December 2009

FARE partner MCCD (Macedonian Centre for Culture and Development) reports a new era for sport in the Republic of Macedonia with the foundation of the Council for the Social Dimension of Sport without Violence, Nationalism and Racism, the intercessory body in the framework of MCCD, formed with support of the National Agency for Youth and Sport of the Republic of Macedonia and all sports federations, together with all responsible institutions in the country.

Nelko Nelkovski as president of MCCD and as a national coordinator of FARE in the Republic of Macedonia will be President of this important national body for sport.

The members of the Council, which will meet monthly, include representatives from 40 sports federations, also from the prevention and repression department of the Ministry for Interior Affairs, together with representatives from major sports clubs, fan groups and social scientists.

The Council is receiving special support from the National Agency for Youth and Sport, which recognises the Council as a partner and will offer the use of its infrastructure for the meetings and for the development of the work.

Additionally the Council is supported by the three big sports federations of Football, Volleyball and Basketball, and they will send their main representatives: Daniel Dimevski – president of the Basketball Federation of Macedonia, Marjan Nacevski – General Secretary of the Volleyball Association and President of the Council of the Sport Federation of Macedonia, plus Ivan Anastasovski – member of the Executive Committee of the Football Association. Representing the Ministry of Interior Affairs is Slave Vitanov – Head of the Department for Prevention.

Nelko Nelkovski presented an account of FARE activities in the last 10 years and received strong support from all members of the Council for this essential engagement, which will develop and improve sport in society free of violence, nationalism and racism.

As a part of the activities towards the end of a very successful year, MCCD, as an official partner of Macedonian FA, will attend the first International Conference “Prevention and repression of the violence in the football stadiums” which will be organized by the Macedonian FA on 15 and 16 December in Skopje.