AC Ravenna supporters group joins the FARE network05 December 2005

“Following a poll of website visitors, the supporters group Lineagiallorossa ( has decided to give its website an anti-racist slant and support the campaign run by the FARE network (Football Against Racism in Europe). FARE aims to rid the game of racism by combining the resources of anti-racist football organisations throughout Europe. It helps to support and nurture groups and coordinates efforts on a European scale. By working together, FARE helps organisations share good practice and present a united front against racism in football.

To anyone who mistakenly sees this stance as a political statement we say quite clearly that anti-racism does not represent any political point of view, as it something for all of us. In particular, in no way do wish to criticise our government's immigration policy. We are fully aware that racism is one of the side-effects of the social transformation that has taken place as a result of the upsurge in immigration in recent years. As always, everyone will be free to express his or her point of view in our forum and comment on these issues; in no way do we claim to represent the opinion of all the visitors to our website/forum.

We hope that the existing problems in football will not be compounded by new ones – problems which, to be honest, we can do without. We want to see the 'wonderful game' played without the evil of racism. Football is the most popular game in the world and it belongs to all of us. Everyone should have the right to play, watch and discuss football freely and without fear. Everyone should have the right to be for a particular team and taunt the others because of the colour of their shirts – but not because of the colour of their skin.

For these reasons we will also be displaying the FARE banner on our homepage from today alongside the other symbols against repression and modern football.”