Anti-racism event in Moscow09 July 2004

Russian first league club, FC Moscow, started a series of anti-racism actions with a press conference on 8 July 2004. At the league match against FC Rubin Kazan on 11 July, the players from FC Moscow will wear T-shirts with the slogan “Moscow Against Racism” during the warm-up. A declaration will be announced by the club via the stadium PA before the match to inform the supporters and the match day programme features the event. This is the first anti-racism event initiated and organised by a Russian first league club and is fully supported by the FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) network.

Club Secretary, Youri Belous said,
“For Russia and especially for Moscow racism is a great problem. 14 million people live in our capital and some of them aren't Russian and have a different skin colour, but they respect the Russian culture and traditions, they are not Russians by birth, but the are Russians by spirit. Fanatics and racists are not interested in it and they are ready to attack or even kill everybody who doesn't bear resemblance to them. In the last years the number of black players in Russian football clubs increased and most of them suffer from racist abuses. FC Moscow struggles against this social evil. We do everything to attract public attention to this problem, therefore we conduct a series of actions.”

FC Moscow was founded in 1997 as FC Torpedo-ZIL and started in Division 4. After only three years FC Torpedo-ZIL was promoted to the first league. In 2003 the name of the club was change to Torpedo Metallurg due to a change of the ownership. Just recently, on 28 June 2004, the clubs name was changed again to FC Moscow. FC Moscow has two African players, Jerry-Christian Tchuisse from Cameroon and Babu Adamu from Ghana, and two from the Caucasian region Dagestan, Budun Budunov and Narvik Sirhaev, in its team. FC Moscow wants to call attention to the abuses and offences they have to suffer with this anti-racism event.