Anti-racism tournament in Montréal14 July 2017

Twenty-twoamateurteamswilljointhe FootballAntiracisteMontréalanannualanti-racismtournamentheldoverweekendinVilleray,Montreal,Canada.

The fourth edition of the 5-a-side tournament will take place at the De Normanville park on Saturday 15 July. Amateur teams, such as Club de Soccer LGBT+ Montréal, and football fan groups, including Impact LGBT, will take part and help spread a message of unity.

All teams will be mixed to address sexism, encourage diversity and fight against all forms of discrimination.

“We want send a message against all forms of oppression. This is not only about fighting racism, but also all other forms of oppression” explained Mathieu a member of Football Antiraciste Montréal.

The interest around the event has increased over the last years due to its unique format, which promotes the dialogue and understanding between the teams.

“There are no referees, if there is a problem, we envite the teams to reach an agreement. These the are values we want to share” Mathieu added. If a match ends in a draw, the two teams will have to mix and form a new one that will continue contesting the tournament.

For the first time a record number of 22 teams will participate in the event. The anti-racism tournament is an initiative inspired by European tournaments including the Fare co-funded Mondiali Antirazzisti, Mediterranean Antirazzista, Ligue Antifa d’Athènes and the Antira-cup.