Anti-racist group firebombed25 May 2004

Friday 7th May was a sad day for People Against Racism, an anti-racist group based in Slovakia. A day before the national holiday celebrating the wartime victory over fascism, their office was firebombed. A bottle of flammable liquid and used matches were found near to the site. The blaze is being treated as arson, with Neo-Nazis the prime suspects.

Fortunately, nobody was armed during the attack, which occurred whilst the office was occupied. It was only the quick reactions of the office staff that prevented the entire building from being destroyed. One room was completely burnt out, destroying valuable computer, communications and photocopying equipment. The group is now desperate for support to replace this essential equipment.

“We have received many threats from neo-nazis in the past – by mail, phone and post. However nothing really serious did happen – until now. This arson attack is a sign of fear and hate, but it is not our fear – it is their fear and that is why they are so desperate.

We would not stop our activities, on the contrary, we want to further strengthen the cooperation with police and the authorities to put even more pressure on them.

However, this attack seriously damaged our office and because we had no insurance the damage is quite high. 3 PCs, photocopying machine, telephone switching board, scanner and furniture are completely destroyed.”
Daniel Milo, Ludia proti rasizmu (People against racism).

People Against Racism are the most active group combating racism and Neo-Nazi extremists in Slovakia. Previously they have initiated scores of legal proceedings against neo-nazi groups and provided much needed help and support to victims of racist attacks. They constantly work to educate the public about the dangers of fascism to society. They have successfully worked with the police to identify and to develop new approaches towards neo-nazi groups, resulting in many racist activities being suppressed.