Anti-Semitism spoils Slovakian game15 April 2004

During a match between Spartak Trnava and SK Slovan Bratislava on 10 April 2004, hooligans from both sides began anti-semitic chants towards each other. Trnava fans shouted “Jude, Jude, Jude, all of Blava” repeatedly as well as some racist chants referring to Bratislava as “Gypsies”. In an act of pre-organised intolerance, they even held aloft placards depicting the Bratilava logo with a Star of David.

The whole incident was reported extensively in LIVE magazine whose photographer was able to take several shots of the crowd.

The Slovakian league are said to be looking into the case. The SFZ delegates attending the match make no mention of the racism, only some “Unsporting behaviour”.