Antiracist Tournament in Bosnia27 May 2008

The 31st May and the 1st June 2008, the association Luxembourg Against Racism will organise a friendly football tournament in Stolac, a small town of Herzegovina (BiH), to encourage the mixing of the communities in a country which experienced the most violent ethnic-religious based conflict of the last 50 years in Europe.

The Association Luxembourg Against Racism was born from young ultras supporters coming from all around the globe: Italy, Greece, Albania, France, Portugal, Germany, United States, Guinea and naturally, Luxembourg. Friendship started after coincidental meetings around our passion: football, and the world of supporters in particular.
Since 2 years there a branch of the association in Bosnia, whose goal is to try to help the process of pacification of the area through sport and football passion.

The first wish for this edition of the tournament will be to involve more the both communities into the organization and participation in the local tournament. First of all to gather more people around this event, second to mix more and more the population, and third to get a genuine mixed team from Stolac in Casalecchio for the Mondiali, to secure the post-project impact on the every day life among young people.
Another step will be to adapt the spirit of the local tournament with the spirit of the Mondiali Antirazzisti, which is a non-competitive event, and whose aim is to encourage the sharing of experiences…

To realize these aims, the rules of the Tournament had been modified: this year, the “winning team” travelling to Bologna will not only be the best on the pitch, but will also have to match the “fair play” and “mix” criteria: 3 trophies will be handed out at the end of the tournament (1 for the winner of the competition, 1 for the best fair play spirit, and 1 for the most community-mixed team), and the team which will have the best position in the “GENERAL RANKING” will eventually go to Mondiali Antirazzisti.
One team from Luxembourg, one from France, and one from Italy will be invited to take part in the local event, making it more international, which will bring a fresher mentality and encourage the exchange and sharing of experiences.

At last, we will involve the REPUBLIKA SRPSKA (R.S., Serb Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina). In order to do it, we will invite several teams from BERKOVICI, the nearest town of R.S. (15 kms), located right after the border (Stolac being the last town of Federation, before the border).