Appointment of FARE monitors – Euro 201212 March 2012

1. FARE monitoring and reporting strategy at Euro 2012
Monitoring racist and discriminatory chanting and symbols has been a key element of the FARE programme over a number of tournaments from Euro 2004 in Portugal, the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and Euro 2008 Austria and Switzerland. In 2012 this work will be part of the UEFA ‘Respect Diversity’ programme of activities.

The monitoring of discriminatory activities will be an important element for FARE during Euro 2012, it will be led by East European partner, Never Again. In Poland and Ukraine the need for monitoring will arguably be even more important because of the prevalence of far-right banners and potential for racist, homophobic and other forms of discriminatory abuse and interactions.

For this year’s tournament FARE will receive a small number of tickets and accreditation for each game for the express use of monitors. A protocol will be developed and put in place for the reporting of incidents with UEFA, with an expectation that if enough evidence is available in each case sanctions will result.

Sanctions and disciplinary action are not the only way of dealing with overt forms of discrimination and a wider educational and fan engagement programme will sit alongside the work of the monitors.

The role of the monitors is as follows:
• The monitors will observe the game and draw on their own experience of fan culture and behaviour to note racist chanting, displays of far- right banners/signs and other examples of overt discriminatory activities

• Monitors will be expected to draw on some of their own contacts and experiences, and to monitor fan networks to help anticipate whether an incident is likely to take place at a particular game, or has been planned for a game

2. Reporting Phone Number and Online form
In addition to incidents reported by match day monitors, fans will also be able to make reports of discriminatory abuse and behaviour via a dedicated reporting helpline and an online reporting form. Information about these will be published in the FARE fanzine, on the FARE website and through other communication channels.

Outside the stadiums the reporting helpline and website address will be publicised to fans and members of local ethnic minority communities through all events that FARE is involved in during the tournament, including a Streetkick tour.

FARE will also work with UEFA’s other ‘Respect’ partners to publicise the reporting mechanisms via additional communication channels and at other events and activities.

3. Monitoring
Monitors will be asked to submit a short report after every match. The report will include detailed information about any racist, discriminatory, neo-nazi and far right-extremist language, banners and behaviour.

This report will be communicated to UEFA and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) via the FARE Euro 2012 coordination team.

FARE monitors will also collect evidence and observe discriminatory acts outside stadiums which are directly linked to the European championships.

4. Protocol for action and input to disciplinary procedure
A protocol will be agreed with all monitors and partners setting out how incidents will be treated both during matches, and after each match.

Before each game
• Each match day monitor will be provided with a handbook detailing potential discriminatory chants and signs, and containing information on who they should contact during the match should any incident occur
• Monitors will be asked to make contact with the fans embassy team in the city and agree possible co-operation on incidents

During a match
• Monitors will be asked to make contact with fan embassy workers and possibly stadium officials if discriminatory chants/ banners are seen or heard
• Match day monitors will log all incidents that have taken place during the game and pass them to the Euro 2012 FARE co-ordinating centre. We hope this will be done within 12 hours of the end of the game

After a match
• FARE will submit a detailed report after every game monitored
• It is the responsibility of the UEFA disciplinary committee to take a decision based on the evidence available. The decision on each report should be fed back to FARE

The FARE Euro 2012 co-ordinating centre will send the reports to UEFA, to be fed into the UEFA disciplinary process and their Control and Disciplinary team.

5. Become a match day monitor
FARE will have two monitors at each game at Euro 2012, including the group games, quarter finals, semi-finals and the final. It is hoped that wherever possible there will be one monitor from each of the countries which are competing in that particular game. Each monitor will receive a match ticket as well as specific monitor’s accreditation.

It is hoped that the majority of monitors will be recruited from within the FARE network and partner organizations. Monitors will need to be highly motivated and have knowledge and experience of anti-racism/anti-discrimination issues and how these are manifested (through symbols, chants, etc) particularly in their own country.

FARE will cover the cost of travel to and in Poland/Ukraine (the amount to be agreed prior to booking) and accommodation. This will usually be a hotel/bed and breakfast in the host city. However, in some cases, particular in cities which have smaller amounts of hotels available, it will be in private accommodation provided by local FARE partners.

Monitors are requested to bring their own cameras (and laptops). Only non-professional cameras will be allowed inside the stadiums.

All monitors will need to be able to speak and write in English. Knowledge of the language of the country they are likely to monitor is essential.

6. Application form
If you would like to apply to become a FARE monitor at Euro 2012, please complete the application form by 2nd April 2012. You will be informed as to the outcomes within 2 weeks of this date.