Argentinian Football Association lends support to gay team19 August 2014


The initiative happened after a request for collaboration made by the president of CHA, Cesar Gigliutti, to the Argentinian FA, ahead of the 9 Gay Games, which took place in Cleveland, United States, between 9-16 August.

During the meeting, held on 29 July at the AFA headquarters in Buenos Aires, the governing body promised to support the team’s activities, in accordance with a policy of no discrimination.

“We received a message from the AFA President Julio Grondona saying that he was ‘very comforted and pleased to collaborate’ with the work we are doing with the team” said Cesar Gigliutti.

“Their collaboration and support to the country’s gay national team is seen as something emblematic to us”, he added.

Walter Garcia, president of SAFG, said: “Having AFA on our side gives us more strength for the tournament”.

The Gay Games are a week-long athletics and cultural festival held every four years.

Since its beginning in 1982, the Gay Games stated goal has been to display the athletic ability of the LGBT community and promote equality.