Austrian football reinforces commitment to stamp out far-right extremism27 August 2014


At the launch event, held in July, representatives of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB), Bundesliga (ÖFBL), UEFA and Austria’s ministry of home affairs agreed to take concerted action to eradicate far-right extremism and discrimination in the light of actions jointly organised in the past, including workshops.

The new package of measures includes steps to promote cooperation between schools, the ministry of home affairs, the ÖFB and the ÖFBL; the establishment of permanent working groups bringing together the police and the judiciary; the involvement of external experts such as social workers; closer cooperation with the media and security services; and the use of sociological studies and communication channels, including social media.

The new measures are set to build on the success of previous ÖFB activities at grassroots level, such as the Integration and Homeless World Cups and the ‘Fair Play – Many Colours, One Game’ initiative.

“For years now, the ÖFB and its members have promoted tolerance, opposed all forms of discrimination and sought to foster integration in all areas of society” said Leo Windtner, President of the Austrian Football Association.