“Ball work”: New exhibition on football and migration opens in Hamburg03 May 2006

Exhibition “Ball work. Scenes from football and migration”

“We wanted labour, and what we got was people” (Max Frisch)

A new exhibition called Ball work. Scenes from football and migration opened at the KNUST Culture Centre in Hamburg (Neuer Kamp 30) on 3 May 2006. It will be on show there until 4 June 2006 and opens in Berlin on 15 June 2006. Ball work has been organised by the Floodlight project group and is a part of the anti-racist programme of activities by the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network. Among the patrons are Women's World Cup winner Navina Omilade of Turbine Potsdam and former Bundesliga players Anthony Baffoe and Souleyman Sané.

Ball work takes an in-depth look at a subject that was touched upon by a previous exhibition on racism and discrimination in football organised by the German Federation of Active Football Fans (BAFF): Migration in and integration through football.
It is a search for answers: in the beginning was the ball, a ball that migrated across the continent. Since the development of modern football (im)migrants have played a major role in Germany.
It is a cultural survey of football to coincide with the World Cup in Germany: social and cultural transformations over time become visible, as under a magnifying glass. Migration is an indicator of this: from the UEFA Champions League to the under-nines, the multicultural society takes on different realities.

Professional footballers are shown as global nomads and football as a field for integration: what can football do? Ball work showcases forms of independent organisation by migrants and highlights the backgrounds of various players. Why did Marseille have such an influence on Zinedine Zidane? Why are most of the players at Belgian club Beveren from the Ivory Coast?

Ball work is an attempt to render the interplay between football and migration tangible – with display panels, photos, objects and multimedia support. Against racism and discrimination.

Further information is available from:
Floodlight (Gerd Dembowski & Ronald Noack)
Mobile: +49 178-3277214
Berlin office: +49 30/29352835
E-mail: gerd@flutlicht.org
KNUST Tel.: +49 40/87976230

The Ball work exhibition in Hamburg: 3 May to 4 June 2006 at the Knust Culture Centre (1st floor), Neuer Kamp 30 – 20357 Hamburg – OPEN: Mon – Sat, 1300 – 2000

– Navina Omilade (Turbine Potsdam, won the Women's World Cup with Germany)
– Anthony Baffoe (ex-professional and former Ghana captain)
– Souleyman Sané (ex-Bundesliga professional and leading scorer in Austria)
– Dr Diethelm Blecking (migration researcher)
– Peter Grossmann (ARD breakfast television presenter)
– Kivanc Haspolat (PSI Yurdumspor, Cologne)

Supported by:
FARE — Fonds Soziokultur — Rund — Deutsche Welle — Knust — DGB Jugend Hamburg — Steg — World Cup Fan Office Hamburg

– 4.5.06: 2000, Fanladen St Pauli (reading on football vs. country music with Gerd Dembowski)
– 16.5.06: 1900: Podium discussion on current developments in racism and football (guests include former Schalke player Yves Eigenrauch
– 23.5.06: 1900: Open discussion: Integration through youth football?!
– 30.5.06: Film showing with discussion: 'Sold out' and 'Black Starlets' on the path of African footballers to and through Europe

Ball work in Berlin from 16 June 2006 to 27 August 2006: as part of the exhibition 'Ball work and football cultures in the museum quarter' / Dahlem Ethnological Museum (Lansstr. 8)