Belgian club the first to wear the UEFA ‘No to Racism’ slogan in an European game12 March 2015

BelgiantopleagueClub BruggeKVhavedecidedtotakeastanceagainstracismandweara ‘NoToRacism’-brandedshirtattheirUEFAEuropaLeaguematchthisevening,12March, against BeşiktaşJK.

The action will make Club Brugge the first to wear the UEFA anti-discrimination logo in a European game, furthering a message of respect to fans worldwide.

Former Belgium international and Club Brugge coach Michel Preud’homme explained: “Football is the best example of how to build a society.

“I have played and worked in several nations and continents. We speak all languages in training sessions. Inside football things are perfect. The problems always come from the outside. Inside teams there are never problems.”

Since 2001, UEFA and Fare have cooperated on the ‘No To Racism’ project, raising awareness of racism and discrimination at the highest level of the game.

Club Brugge general manager Vincent Mannaert said: “We are completely behind UEFA ‘No To Racism’ campaign.

“As the most popular football club in Belgium, Club Brugge want to lead the way in terms of zero tolerance against racism. We did that recently already, giving stadium bans to so-called supporters who were guilty of such despicable behaviour. With this gesture, we are underlining our commitment on the European stage.

Speaking about the initiative, the club’s Congolese defender Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo said: “Racism has no place in football, or in the world. So I really appreciate that my own club are doing this now.”

UEFA president Michel Platini applauded the initiative: “UEFA has a zero-tolerance policy towards all kinds of discrimination and we are working diligently in order to make sure the world of football is more tolerant and inclusive.

“UEFA is proud of its ‘No To Racism’ campaign and it is great to see our stakeholders engaging with it.”


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