Belgians step up campaign05 April 2004

Belgium's top clubs, coaches, players and officials have stepped up their efforts to combat the evil of racism within the game.

The Belgian Football Association (URBSFA) has been working in close conjunction with the country's Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Samen Kleurrijk Sporten foundation. Together, the 'Samen Kleurrijk Sporten – Carte Rouge au Racisme' (Red Card to Racism) campaign hopes to combat racism on and off the field in Belgium, and to promote the integration of minority groups within clubs.

The URBSFA have already created a policy statement in which Belgium's elite football family declared that the sport should be available to everyone, irrespective of their race, beliefs or personal background. The policy is being backed up by a multitude of anti-racist events. All of Belgium's home matches played at the Roi Baudouin stadium in Brussels have been accompanied by anti-racism events. To mark the friendly against European champions France, players launched posters which were sent to each club in the country. The URBSFA are asking clubs to spread the message among their young players… racism has no place in football.