Bent Suffers Racist Abuse04 October 2002

Ipswich Town’s Marcus Bent and Finidi George were subjected to racist taunts during their team’s 1-0 Uefa Cup win at Sartid.

This is just one of many incidents in recent days, where English club players have been subjected to racist abuse during European games.

“It was a hostile crowd. There was a lot of racist abuse, a lot of spitting when you went near the crowd. But the boys dealt with it, I dealt with it.”, said Bent.

George commented, “I could hear them all the time – it was not pleasant at all. It’s not the worst I have had – but it was still pretty bad, they are quite backward in their thinking and something should be done.”

UEFA will be investigating the incident. Meanwhile the English FA will be seeking urgent talks with UEFA after several other England-based players suffered racist abuse.