Blog: “We want to send a clear message in these times where we see a resurgent hatred of the Jews in football.”01 October 2019

JörgStenzel,oftheorganisationBiBeriSBildung&BeratungimSportinGermany, writesforFareabouttheirinvolvementinthisyear’s#FootballPeopleweeks,whichbeginonOctober10th.

“This October our network will organise action days in Cologne against antisemitism in football. The activities planned will be an exhibition titled “Kicker, Kämpfer, Legenden. Juden im deutschen Fußball” on Jewish people in German football, a guided city tour with the topic “Jewish life in Cologne”, a lecture and discussion titled “Against Antisemitism in Football” snd some fan activities, including a display of choreos and banners at a football match in Cologne.

The aim of our action days will be to represent the situation of Jews in Germany, especially in football stadiums, which has become increasingly threatening in recent years. We also want to emphasise the problem and take a stand against it, fight against these dangerous developments and create a network to help fight against this situation.

More often than before, anti-Semitism is on the rise in Germany lately. In Berlin last year the number of anti-Semitic incidents and attacks doubled, and the number of threats also rose sharply. In total, RIAS Berlin recorded 1,083 anti-Semitic incidents in the capital in 2018 – 14% more than in the previous year (951).

Our planned activities will send a particularly important message, especially in times where we see a resurgent hatred of the Jews and general social brutality on the rise.

Football plays a big role in our society and we must push forward a message that togetherness is more important and greater than any division.

It’s great to be involved in the #FootballPeople weeks. There are so many active people and initiatives working against discrimination in sport, football and society, so many important projects and events – the FARE Football People weeks makes them all visible, connects everything together and helps to bring the important work to greater success. Powerful!

The Football People weeks will take place from 10-24th October, with 150,000+ people taking part in Europe’s largest sports initiative for social change. You can still be a part of it and organise an activity. Learn more and register your activity here.