Blog: “It is exciting to see how girls fall in love with football even if it remains a men’s game in Russia”20 September 2019


“For the #FootballPeople weeks we are releasing a short film about the shared passion for football that some of our girls and their mothers have. We will also run a social media campaign about the benefits of football to girls and women, and then on 20th October we will organise a one-day football festival “Like mother like daughter” featuring training sessions, games, fun activities for kids and speakers.

The events are aimed at girls and women — those already with an interest in football, but also those who have never played before. We aim to create a space where mothers and daughters can share their love or try it together in a fun and safe environment.

We see a steady growth in the popularity of football among women and girls, however the reality is that gender equality in this sport is still far from being achieved. In Russia, football largely remains a ‘men’s game’.

“It’s exciting to see how girls encounter football and fall in love with it”

As a consequence of the sport’s male domination, the health and social benefits that football training gives girls is still largely overlooked. We hope that our activities will help to increase visibility of girls’ and women’s football and inspire girls and women to participate.

One of the best parts about the Football People weeks is to see so many like-minded people from different countries working together to promote the values that we share. It is also exciting to see how girls encounter football for the first time and fall in love with the game.”

The Football People weeks will take place from 10-24th October, with 150,000+ people taking part in Europe’s largest sports initiative for social change. You can still be a part of it and organise an activity. Learn more and register your activity here.