Brazilian campaign enlists fans to tackle discrimination in football03 February 2017


Launched this week, the campaign is part of Globo’s ‘Tudo Começa pelo Respeito‘ (ENG ‘It all starts with respect’) platform, which started in 2016 to raise awareness of human rights and start debates on issues including homophobia, disability, religion, prejudice, discrimination, and women’s rights.

Through a series of films featuring some of the country’s most famous actors, the campaign shares messages promoting respect and understanding amongst football fans as the football season kicks-off.

“Amongst many roles, the television had the power to create a positive behavioural change. We do this through telenovelas, journalism, talk shows and also through adverts.

“The increase and succession of incidents of intolerance in our society took us to gather all these tools in one platform delicated to straightening the work of organisations in fighting for human rights and promote a real social change.” said Beatriz Azeredo, Director of Globo’s social responsibility department.

In its second year, the platform will also see a number of civil society organisations promote their work and share  advice to build a more tolerant society.