Brigate GialloBlu Modena win the Mondiali Antirazzisti 2004 Cup13 July 2004

The Mondiali Antirazzisti (Anti-racist World Cup) 2004 has ended with Brigate GialloBlu Modena being awarded the Mondiali Antirazzisti 2004 Cup by Paul Elliot, former Chelsea and Bari defender.

The Antirazzisti Mondiali is an annual anti-racist football festival, held every year in Montecchio, Italy. It is a friendly 5-a-side multicultural football tournament where football fan groups from around Europe can come together to celebrate their love of the game. This year, over 168 teams from over 40 countries participated in the tournament, joined by thousands of spectators soaking up the atmosphere. The event is organised by FARE partners Progetto Ultrà and UISP, together with Istoreco.

Brigate GialloBlu Modena have themselves been involved in anti-racist activities for many years in schools and football stadiums. They have been regular attendees and volunteers at the Mondiali over the years. It is fitting then, that this year they claim the Mondiali’s most prestigious prize.

Other winners include:

  • FairPlay Cup assigned to Polisportiva Zelig of Reggio Emilia, who displayed exemplar behaviour on the pitch, contributing to the friendly atmosphere;
  • Compost Cup was for Istoreco of Reggio Emilia, for making this the most eco-friendly Mondiali;
  • Best Female Cup was for the English women of Republica Internationale, who won the friendship female tournament, parallel to the official one, beating in the final Abfahrt Bambule of Hamburg;
  • Piazza Antirazzista Cup was assigned to Materiale Resistente of Correggio (RE), for the engagement in the organisation of events and debates, and the exposition of the materials;
  • Ultrà Cup for Kollettivo Bibina of Mendrisio (Switzerland) for their spirit;
  • Faithfull Cup was for the Ultras Ancona and all’Associazione Antirazzista Assata Shakur of Ancona, present since the first edition;
  • Friends Cup assigned to Bologna Antirazzista, for their important help in the organisation during the tournament;
  • Kilometres Cup for the Palestinian team of Ibdaa, who surely this year is the farthest group who attended;
  • Invisible Cup, was dedicated to the 37 Sudan asylum-seekers held in the Ship Cap Anamur. For the Mondiali, these represent those who are unable to attend due to the restrictions upon their freedom.