Brøndby Fans Against Racism13 August 2004

Fans of Danish first league club Brønby IF, are set to launch their anti-racist campaign on 15 August at the match against FC Midtjylland. The official fan club Brøndby Support, whose members total more than 10,000, have decided to react to recent racist incidents in the stadium and in Danish football at large.

The campaign will consist of four elements:

  • 1000 T-Shirts with the message “Brøndby Fans Mod Racisme!”
  • 20000 flyers will be distributed to the fans
  • the website features a declaration against racism and for integration, with statements by players!
  • articles in fanzines

In their declaration, Brøndby Fans Against Racism say,
“The fan culture is built on mutual respect for each others' diversities and team spirit. This unity must be maintained and developed further. Therefore, we must ensure that racism is not allowed to create division among the fans.

Brøndby Fans Against Racism intends to create awareness of the need for respect for the diversities in the Stadium. As Brøndby fans, we care about club colours – NOT about skin colours.”

Inspired by the British and Norwegian Show Racism the Red Card campaign, last season Brønby IF played a “match against racism” with BK Frem. Brøndby Fans Against Racism state in their declaration that they are committed to the integration of ethnic minorities into Danish society. Brøndby IF are one of the better Danish clubs, attracting members and supporters from ethnically diverse sections of the community. Just recently, at the match against OB Odense, the players Fernando Derveld, Andrew Tembo and Mwape Miti were racially been abused – there is still much work to be done.

Dan Anton Johansen (Player),
“Racism is NOT justified – it doesn’t belong in a club like Brøndby. It concerns itself with smear campaigns against non-white players and also the other foreigners that increasingly arrive in Danish football!”

Daniel Agger, (Player),
“Racism has no place – neither in football nor in the rest of the community. Working hard in the sports world might help the rest of the community in the long term!”

Kasper Lorentzen (Player),
“Football and racism don’t go hand in hand – you can’t choose the colour of your skin or your cultural background!”

John “Faxe” Jensen (Coach and former player at Brøndby IF),
“Racism in and around Brøndby IF is completely out of place – people using racism in the name of Brøndby IF aren’t Brøndby fans and ought to be identified and excluded from the stadium. Fans should support the team rather than make such manifestations. Racist taunts – that’s too stupid!”