Cadiz Action Week. Conference, artistic and sportive events.03 November 2006

Like in the last 2 years the collective CEPA-Andalucía took part in the European-wide anti-racist activities.
During the Fare Action Week in Cádiz / Spain they organized the following activities.

At the beginning of October they reparted information about FARE, CEPA and the Action Week during two days in the Streetsoccer event “Mundialito” (2.10. – 8.10.2006), organized by the town council of Madrid. CEPA also had a meeting with a responsible of the Football Professional League (LFP) to talk about an antiracist project and in order to make publicity for a national-wide campaign, but the LFP didn´t have any interest because of bad experiences last year with the association CECRA.
The 21 of October various associations were participating in the preparation of a youth event called “Fewer discrimination” (Streetsoccer, Breakdance tournament, intercultural games….). One day before the event we had to cancel everything because of the bad weather.
With the handball supporter group Komando Gades they organized an act against racism in the match Gades vs Antequera.

The highlight was the conference “Racism in the European football”, with international guests from Holland (Rámon Spaaij; expert of terrorism, fascism and racism in Europe) and Italy (Daniela Conti; UISP / FARE), as well as Carles Viñas from Barcelona, who published books and articles about the Skinhead – movement, racism and violence in football, and Ultra supporter groups. Also representatives of the CEPA collective, Cádiz C.F., the regional governments “Diputación de Cádiz” y “Junta de Andalucía”, as well as a Cádiz C.F. football fan. They were working in different topics like the work of the FARE – network, the problem of racism in football, the missing of implication (medias, administrations, football clubs) and information about racist attitudes in the football stadium, as well as about the racist incidents during the last years.

The big final of the CEPA – activities were hold on the 29th of October: an anti-racist campaign in the match of the Second Division between Cádiz C.F. and Numancia banners in the stands were shown (“Antirracismo” y “El Cadismo contra toda discriminación”), and the Cádiz C.F. team entered in the stadium with a banner, prepared by young people of CEPA and the Ultra group Brigadas Amarillas (“Fútbol sin racismo”). Near and in front of the stadium we offered Streetsoccer and and a Breakdance tournament. In the same time Cepa workers distributed anti-racist flyers and stickers.

The organisation is happy to have found the cooperation of the local and regional government, the Cádiz football club, as well as various supporter groups, institutions and associations, which makes it possible to offer all these events and activities. But they have to reach more implications of the local and regional governments, football clubs and institutions, because in Spain an interest in antiracist activities were missing, and that it actually can count at first with grassroot groups and associations. Politics and responsible persons of the national federations are continuing their propaganda that there wouldn ´t be a big problem of racism in the Spanish football.

(Based on Thomas Herzog’s direct evidence)