CAFE joins the FARE network20 December 2009

CAFE – the Centre for Access to Football in Europe participated to represent disabled supporters at the FARE conference “Football for Equality” in Vienna in December.

Equality and improving access for disabled people affects society at many levels, and so CAFE has been formed to improve access for disabled fans, to raise disability awareness through football and to join forces with other partners to tackle this important issue.

CAFE administration manager Filipa do Carmo said,
We were delighted to accept the invitation and take part in a network that has proved to be crucial in promoting equal rights in football.

CAFE, represented by Filipa do Carmo and managing director Joyce Cook, participated in the working group called “Ahead of UEFA EURO 2012: Taking the next step in challenging discrimination and the far-right in Eastern Europe football” which is proving to be a positive challenge for the forthcoming Euro 2012. As well as racism, there are also significant challenges in terms of equal access and this workshop was really productive for CAFE to understand better the reality in Poland and Ukraine to be able build on existing contacts and foster new initiatives with important stakeholders. CAFE is also pleased to be part of the new interim board of FARE that will work towards a more democratic and inclusive FARE which reaches out across the diversity strands.