Candidates needed for fans award05 August 2009

Candidates are being sought for the UEFA-backed 2009 European Football Supporters Award.

Rewarding fans
Created in 2005, the European Football Supporters Award has the primary objective of rewarding initiatives by fans who behave in an exemplary manner. With UEFA's support, the aim is to change mentalities in the stadium.

Open to all
The award is open to all European football groups, and seeks to promote a friendly atmosphere in the grandstands, fraternisation between opposing supporters, and respect towards opponents and the referee – combating displays of racism and xenophobia, and condemning all physical and verbal violence.

Previous winners
Conceived in Brussels, the project immediately received UEFA's backing. Previous winners of the award are Peña Multicolor (Spain), Amalgamation of Northern Ireland Supporters Clubs (Northern Ireland), Genoa Club for Children (Italy) and the National Association for Disabled Supporters (England). In 2006, tribute was paid to the remarkable conduct of German fans at that year's FIFA World Cup.

The organisers have today launched an appeal for candidates for the 2009 award. Candidates must be submitted by 31 October to the following address:
European Football Supporters Award
5 Avenue du Col-Vert
B-1170 Bruxelles
Or by email to

Further details
As in the past, the prize – which will be presented to the winners later this year – is €6,000.
For more details, please see the website of the European Football Supporters Award 2009.