Cape Verde holds first conference on women and sport28 March 2017


A series of panels discussed topics including: the promotion of women in and through sport, participation numbers, the presence of Cape Verdean sportswomen in the media and the challenges to sportswomen in Africa.

A roundtable on women in sport leadership positions addressed the low numbers of participation in country. According to the national Olympic Committee (CMDCOC) only 10% of the regional sport associations are led by women, amongst 12 federations there is only one female president and, across all sports women represent only 24% of the participants.

“More women, more sport is our vision of development.” said Cristina Ferreira, president of CMDCOC women’s commission.

“The idea is to create conditions to strengthen the role of women and at the same time make sure that men and women are aware of the role of women in this sector.” she added.

Representatives of the Portuguese Women and Sport association, the Cape Verdean Institute for Gender Equality, UN Women Cape Verde and athletes, including Wânia Monteiro, Isménia Frederico and Gabriela Borges, participated in the discussions and shared best practice. Participants from the African Zone II countries, including Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Guinea-Conakry, were also in attendance.

The initiative coincided with the national Women’s Day celebrations (27 March) and was organised by CMDCOC.