Carlos gives shirt to extremist09 May 2005

Real Madrid fullback, Roberto Carlos, has been shown presenting his shirt to the former leader of the club's radical group of Ultra Sur fans following his side's 5-0 victory over Racing Santander on Saturday 7 May 2005.

Spanish daily El Pais published photographs of the Brazilian international giving Jose Luis Ochaita his shirt and said that it was to be used in a raffle to raise funds to subsidise trips made by the group's members to away matches.

Ochaita was banned from stadiums for three years in 1998 for trying to attack the referee in a Real Madrid-Barcelona basketball game and was among eight Ultras Sur arrested in Germany in the same year for displaying Nazi flags and swastikas prior to a Champions League match.

Members of the Ultra Sur have been involved in incidents of racist abuse at the Bernabeu on several occasions this season.

The club was fined €9,780 after television pictures showed members of the group insulting visiting black players and making Nazi salutes in a Champions League match against Bayer Leverkusen in November.

The group unfurled a large banner criticising immigration during the match, although El Pais said it was later removed by a security official from the club.