Catalan Football Federation kick-off campaign to stop abuse at stadiums16 February 2016


The “Zero insults a la grad” initiative is driven by the region’s Football Federation and puts into practice an anti-violence and anti-abuse protocol which follows the UEFA protocol for dealing with racism and ultimately allows referees to stop or end a match over improper behaviour. Cartell-Zero-insults-a-la-grada1

A video featuring children debating about abusive language in football is the main promotial resource of the campaign, which will also include the display of related banners at matches and imposes a players salute after the final whistle.

Manel Pacho coordinator at the amateur club Club Futbol Tordera said the club considers the campaign an important step to raise awareness of abusive language in the sport. As part of the campaign, Tordera organised a meeting between its staff, players and their families to explain the new rules and sign a document expressing their commitment to the initiative.

The campaign, which started over the weekend (13 and 14 February) at youth level, will be adopted by all men’s and women’s football leagues of the region.

The Catalan Football Federation expects that by the end of the season all clubs have participated in it.