Changing the Chants project calls for researchers to help counter anti-Semitic chanting in football01 August 2019


The European Project ‘Changing the Chants’ is a co-operation between the Anne Frank House, Borussia Dortmund, Fare Network and Feyenoord Rotterdam. The project aims to find educational methods to counter anti-Semitic chants during football matches in Europe.

The project began in June 2019 and is funded by the European Commission. It will run for 24 months until June 2021.

The Changing the Chants team requires eight external contributors to observe pilot methods, review them and develop guidelines. The developers will observe, research, review and jointly extract successful methods and write high quality guidelines. These guidelines will sit at the heart of the project.

Different pilot projects will be organised to find methods that have a visible effect, countering anti- Semitic chants. These methods will be researched, analysed and described in the guidelines. Additionally, the developers will take part in three ‘Contributors Practices Analysis and Guideline Development Workshops’, spread over the course of the project, for the development of the guidelines together with representatives of the different project partners. The developers will also take part in a final conference of the project on implementation of the guidelines.

During this process the external developers will use their expertise, experience, networks, different perspectives and professional insights. The special knowledge and perspective they bring to the guidelines ensures the wider relevance and European sustainability of the project.


The Anne Frank House, Borussia Dortmund, Fare Network and Feyenoord Rotterdam are looking for eight developers matching the following criteria:

  • both practitioners and experts within relevant working fields;
  • can be from different disciplines and contexts (i.e. football, social responsibility, psychology, security, law, sports, youth, historians, education);
  • includes different European voices in the group to support the project’s European relevance;
  • must have experience in the field of research and analysis to produce guidelines of a high quality

The developers will be subcontracted by Borussia Dortmund. Each of them will receive a fee and will be covered for travel costs and subsistence.

There is an estimated work load of 15–20 working days over the course of the project, of which the majority will be made in the first year. Attendance at the three Contributors workshops (spread over 2019 and 2020) and the final conference (2021) is also required.

You can apply by sending a CV and a letter of interest to Deadline for applications is 31st August 2019.