Chelsea FC suspend three fans following Paris incident20 February 2015


Amateur footage emerged on Tuesday showing a group of Chelsea FC supporters stopping a black Parisian from boarding a Paris tube carriage and celebrating their self-declared racism, ahead of the UEFA Champions League clash against Paris Saint-German.

Last evening, Chelsea, who considered the incident ‘abhorrent‘, issued the following statement: “If it is deemed there is sufficient evidence of their involvement in the incident, the club will issue banning orders for life.

“We have received substantial information to date following our witness appeal and we are grateful to the many Chelsea supporters who have provided information so far.

“We also continue to cooperate fully with the Metropolitan and Paris police forces who lead the ongoing criminal investigation.”

Meanwhile, another fan filmed while the racist chants were shouted has been identified, but it is still unclear if the Chelsea season ticket-holder was among those who chanting or remonstrating.

‘We live in a global, international world’
Speaking at the launch of his campaign for the Fifa presidency, yesterday, in London, Luis Figo said: “Concerning racism, there should be zero-tolerance.

“Not just given the statements some people have made, and not just because of the chanting in Paris. This is something that shouldn’t happen at all in sports.

“We live in a global, international world and we have to integrate everybody, regardless of race or colour and we have to take measures for those who break the law.”