Cinema day challenges social barriers in football12 December 2016


The initiative aims to develop critical thinking in children through audiovisual tools and promote social values. It is led by the Spanish regional government of Aragon.

Among the list of selected films is ‘Tánger Gol’ of Juan Gautier, a documentary that portraits women’s football scene in Morocco, where women and girls still face many cultural and social barriers to take part in sport.

“In cinema, as in life, it is important to look ahead. For that reason, we use this as means to address issues and look at issues in society” explained the organisers.

The film is looking to address issues including sexism, gender equality and respect.

Among the Spanish organisations backing the initiative is the online campaign Detacón. Over the last years, the group has been actively involved in promoting women’s football and equality for women in Spain, they recently launched the first football team in Huesca formed and led by women.

Azucena Garanto, founder of the Spanish online campaign Detacón, commented: “To Detacón it is very important to work across different areas towards the same goal, through sporting activities, but also cultural and social initiatives that put women at the centre and work to reinforce the different roles women have in football.”

The cinema sessions ran between 25 November and 1 December and are made available to over 14.000 children in the region.