Clubs Off the Hook11 October 2002

UEFA has announced the decisions of its Control and Disciplinary Body meeting in Nyon, Switzerland.

Following several recent racist incidents during European games, UEFA has now set out the punishments for the clubs involved. Many feel that the punishments are too light. As well as “sending a letter” to the clubs, some have also been fined.

In particular:

  • PSV Eindhoven fined 30,000 CHF for racist abuse and missiles directed towards Thierry Henry.
  • FK Sartid fined 25,000 CHF for the racist abuse two Ipswich Town players.
  • Valencia cleared of racist abuse charges

Generally, these incidents did not appear in referees’ or officials’ match reports. Also, the fact that very few of the clubs involved made any sort of official complaint to UEFA, didn’t help either.

However, Utrecht FC face the prospect of playing their next European match behind closed doors. This is more a response to the crowd trouble rather than the racist banner that their fans displayed.